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To the future buyers and sellers of East Tennessee, I am here to help! If the time has come for you to buy or sell a home, then I look forward to working with you through this exciting process.

Matt was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona; he grew up in a real estate family and learned from a young age the value in caring for people. In his early 20s, Matt moved to California, where he and his wife Brittney would meet and start their family. Matt had a successful career in California as an HR and Compliance director for a multimillion-dollar healthcare company. From there, he began his construction and real estate career, helping build and sell a number of custom homes. While In California, Matt not only practiced real estate but also helped supervise custom home building for his clients. Matt finds great joy in the building process; helping people find the perfect piece of land and build their dream home is one of his favorite experiences.

Matt and His wife Brittney moved to west Knox in 2022 as part of the great California Exodus. They looked at a number of places across the country but ultimately landed in Knoxville. Matt and his wife found that Eastern Tennessee was the best place to raise their 3 young children.

Matts's knowledge of construction is key to his success in Real Estate. Matt is the Project Superintended for Pinehurst Homes INC, a local General Contractor who specializes in custom high-end home building.

When Matt is not working, he loves spending time with his family, playing sports, hanging by the lake, or fishing in the river and enjoying all the beauty of Eastern Tennessee.

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