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Your future realtor of East Tennessee eagerly awaits your arrival! If you're a potential buyer or seller in search of expert assistance, look no further—I am here to provide invaluable help every step of the way. Noble, a native of Banner Elk, North Carolina, comes from a lineage deeply entrenched in Real Estate and family-owned car sales businesses. From his grandfather's presidency of Holman Enterprises in Florida to his father's entrepreneurial ventures as a successful car dealer turned EMT, noble inherits a strong work ethic and a profound passion for serving his clients. Relocating to the enchanting Smoky Mountains of Tennessee with his wife Kaylee in 2020, Noble embarked on building a life together while simultaneously pursuing their respective careers. In September 2023, their joy multiplied with the arrival of their beautiful son—signifying a new chapter brimming with possibilities. Armed with robust knowledge and an unwavering determination, Noble thrives in the realm of Real Estate and is fully prepared to assist you in finding your dream home or establish your ideal business location. Trust him to navigate every nuance and ensure your ambitions are realized. When Noble isn't hard at work, he cherishes family time, indulges in thrilling gaming sessions with friends, and revels in the awe-inspiring landscapes that Tennessee proudly offers.

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